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Search4Members deploys technology which facilitates its use on smart phone, tablet and desktop outlets. The site is therefore designed to help customers benefit from the huge annual growth in internet use and resulting buying decisions.


Search4Members provides accurate classified business listings which are regularly updated. The search engine is easy to use and generates fast and reliable results for the user.
In addition to the business directory, the new site now provides a wealth of local news stories provided by Kemps’ business associates, together with information about Kemps’ products and business partners.
Regularly updated and informative content combined with regular social media activities continue to ensure that traffic is driven towards the site.

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To further strengthen your online profile, advertise on Search4Members and get your company seen by buyers both here in the UK and overseas. Search4Members offers a range of advertising options to suit all budgets.

For companies without an internet presence, taking a paid listing on Search4Members is the easy way for buyers to find your contact details in whichever commercial sector or industry you work.

We offer:
• Bold Listings
• Large Page Adverts
• Various Banner Positions

By purchasing a large page or banner advertisement, you will be able to maximise brand awareness and get key product messages across to prospective customers.
Our expert Design team will ensure that your advertisement receives maximum prominence.

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